The advantages of Kenco Singles

Kenco is a well-known coffee brand and as well as producing coffee for the mass consumer market to be sold in places like supermarkets and convenience stores they also make coffee products for use in vending machines and commercial coffee machines that are used in offices and other workplace settings. The Kenco singles machine is a popular choice when it comes to coffee vending and is ideal for settings such as waiting rooms where space is limited and you want to offer free drinks to clients. Kenco singles offers the advantage of every drink being fresh as each drink comes in an individual sealed pack. In each Kenco singles pack there is the perfect amount of coffee, tea or hot chocolate to create a great tasting beverage.
Kenco singles have been designed with convenience in mind and they allow people to easily self-serve a drink with no hassle. The other advantage of Kenco singles is that each one is foil packed for freshness and to lock in the great flavours. Each Kenco singles pack has special coding on that tells the coffee machine how long to brew the drink for the perfect drink every time. There are many different drinks in the Kenco singles range to appeal to a wide range of customers.  These include medium, dark, light, Columbian, decaffeinated and espresso coffees. There is also a range of teas as well as a delicious hot chocolate for people with a sweet tooth.
As well as Kenco singles Kenco also have another range of table top veining machines which are called Kenco Incup. Kenco Incup is the ideal choice for cost effective beverages but is a highly functional machine that will meet the needs of any busy office or workplace.

In a Kenco Incup machine all you need to do is push the button for the drink you want and a cup is dispensed with your beverage inside. The Kenco Incup machine can be operated with coins or tokens and the water tank in the machine can be manually filled or connected to a mains water supply for ease of use.

Kenco singles  from will give you a perfect cup of delicious, aromatic coffee every time. We never fail to deliver the goods with our lovely Kenco Incup  products. Put your feet up!

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