The Biggest Single Secret of Business Success

One of the biggest blocks on business success for many people is that they fail to develop a firm purpose.

Just as you must fix your destination when you go on a trip, you need to know where you are going with your business and life.

Deciding what you want the future to look like has many benefits, including:

- Making decisions more easily

- Satisfaction with progress made

- Identifying specific actions needed

The first step in the process is deciding your vision.

You can look at your vision as being similar to the picture you find on the outside of a jigsaw puzzle box. It shows you what you need to do.

To create a clear vision, think how you want your business to look in 3 – 5 years time.

Try to sum it up in a sentence or two such as “I’m earning more than $ 10,000 a month and traveling the world helping others achieve their potential.”

When you have a clear vision, you need to identify specific goals or milestones on the way to achieving it.

While your vision is probably 3 – 5 years away, goals are usually over a much shorter timescale.

Many people make the mistake of setting goals that are to general and they just become wishes.

You need to make your goals specific and exciting enough to motivate you.

To help you identify goals, look at your vision and ask yourself what you need to achieve this year (or month) in order to be on course to reaching it.

There’s no point in having a big vision and clear goals if you don’t do anything about them.

So you need to develop a way to turn your vision and goals into action.

You should start by identifying several projects that are needed to reach your goals.

To identify projects, look at your goals and ask yourself which major activities you need to undertake now in order to achieve that goal.

Now that you have a clear vision, specific goals and defined projects, the important part is turning them into actionable tasks.

Tasks are usually actions that take a short time – it may be a couple of minutes or an hour or two.

Any task that needs more than a day should be turned into more specific actions or classified as a project.

To define tasks, identify the exact actions needed now to complete your projects.

Moving from a clear vision to specific actionable tasks helps you make sure you get the results you are looking for.

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