The Compassionate Church Of Christ Singles

The Compassionate Church Of Christ Singles

After completing my diploma in theology, I helped out at Church of Christ singles group at my local church. It was interesting to spend time together with like-minded people sharing similar goals. Although matchmaking was part of the agenda for the Church of Christ singles, most of the time all members enjoyed the great company and planning for various community events. That is not to say that relationships were not on their mind; it was simply not their primary goal. Most of them preferred that let matters take their course and focus more on doing well for and with the community.

With a strong focus on the community, Church of Christ singles were active with outreach programs such as rehabilitation and supplementing educational needs for children from high-risk families. Church of Christ singles believed in teamwork and putting the word of God first. Such strong values also molded each member in different ways and they got to grow spiritually and learn better about one another. At one time or another, pairs got together and the rest of the Church of Christ singles were delighted at the union. Married couples came back to help out as their extensive background was helpful to recruit and induct new members to the Church of Christ singles.I felt fortunate to be part of the active process in Church of Christ singles, giving back to the community while fostering healthy relationships among the members. Although it was almost a full time occupation with the group, I still managed to make time for my own personal pursuits. It was a blessed and balanced life for me. During one of our events, I ran into a previous course mate from the theology college. It felt good to see people from school. I shared with him about what we do at Church of Christ singles and he was keen to replicate the idea at his own church. I offered to help him with the proposal and invited him to join our events. As we worked closer and longer, we realized our attraction to one another and soon got engaged. church of christ singles indirectly played match maker for me.

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