The Top Five Mistakes to Avoid on Your First Date When Dating After a Divorce

Every single person knows that dating is not easy, especially dating after a divorce. Often singles across America find themselves in bars, clubs, and on dating sites to find love. As a divorce/single woman I have found that there are a few things that I would never do, in fact here the top five mistakes that I avoid when dating someone for the first time.

1. Dating For Looks: Looks are not everything. It’s great to have a nice looking person on your arm, however, some really good looking people know that they are good looking and can be shallow.

2. Telling Your Whole Life Story On The First Date: This is a definite don’t. As interesting as your life is or your past lives were there is no need to rehash painful memories. Leave painful childhood memories and past relationships behind on your first date. Once you are truly at the couple stage then it would be appropriate to talk more intimately about past experiences.

3. Tell The Truth: Dishonesty is one of my pet peeves. It’s best to be honest about who you are on the first date so that the other person will know with whom they are dealing with. For example, be honest about your sexual orientation, children, employment status, and marital status. There is nothing like having your significant other discover the truth about you and confronting you with it.

4. Meeting Family On The First Date: Never, never have your date meet your family on the first date. Meeting family often means commitment. Never have your children meet your date on the first date because children become attached rather quickly. Also, it is not wise to let your children see you date a lot of people. It may lead to a bad impression of you as they get older.

5. Continuing The Date When You Feel Uncomfortable: This is to the women especially. If you feel uncomfortable while on your date it is okay to end the date respectfully. It’s better to go with your intuition now than later.

Frances E. Elizabeth is the author of the non-fiction book “Be Careful Who You Marry.” It chronicles her short-lived marriage to a con-artist and abuser. To find out more information about Frances E. Elizabeth and her book visit

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