Three Tips for Singles Washington DC

The first tip that I have for meeting and making connections with Singles Washington DC is advice on how and why to ask a certain type of questions.  Since attraction is based on emotion and not intellect, you should ask questions that provoke emotional responses.  For example, asking someone what they like to do or which political party they consider themselves a member of (questions that provoke factual answers) is wrong.  Instead, you should ask someone a question that will provoke them to give you an emotional or contemplative response.  Some examples of questions are:  “What were you like in college?” or “What is the most adventurous thing you would like to try in your life?”.  Avoid questions that could have an objective answer.

Secondly, be sure to change the topic every few minutes so that you are not talking to someone for hours about the same thing.  You can not establish a real connection with someone if you are only talking about biking, bikes, bike equipment, and biking trips, for example; you will only remember the person as “bike person”.  Likewise, they will only remember you as “bike person”.  So, when singles meet, they should be prepared with at least three topics to talk about.  Some examples include your hobby (biking), where you plan to travel soon, and favorite restaurant.

Lastly, it is very important to always keep in mind that attraction is an emotional response, not an intellectual response.  You can not talk someone into being attracted to you.  You can not make someone attracted to you by showing off in an attempt to impress them.  Pointing out how much you both have in common will not make a difference, nor will telling them how attractive they are to you.  In fact, confidence in oneself is the only thing that can have that affect on someone.  When you come off as desperate to be accepted, that is actually one of the biggest turn offs of initial impressions that you can give someone.  Disparity is very unattractive; perhaps being showy and cocky is the most unattractive quality of all.  So, if you are able to ask the right questions, make conversation about a few different subjects, and seem confident all the while, you should have no problems meeting and making connections with Singles Washington DC.

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