Tips For Single Expats

You’ve moved to a new place, unpacked all the boxes, settled in, and now you realize, you’re single and you have no idea where to begin!

People who relocate with a partner have a built in person to share in the everyday tasks – from making the house feel like a home to setting up the bank account. You, however, have had to do this all on your own. So, be patient – you’re going to accomplish a lot more on your own, so you need to allow yourself time, and forgiveness during the process.

When you finally are ready to step out and meet other singles, there are many things you need to consider. Her are a couple:

What is the dating/married culture like where you’re living?

Are you living someplace where people date exclusively, or do they casually date many people before getting serious?
What kinds of activities do singles tend to participate in – where’s the best place to meet them?
How does this culture handle paying on dates – does the man or woman pay? Is it typical to split the bill?
When you observe couples, especially married ones, what typical roles do you observe when it comes to romance, paying, and children? These are good things to clue in to so you can better understand cultural norms and how you react to them

There are many things to observe while you learn to date in a new culture. It’s crucial that you take the time to pay attention to these observations, and try to respect them so you can enjoy the dating experience.

How do you meet other singles?

The next key piece for you will be figuring out where you can meet singles. Though the workplace will hopefully offer you a few friends to help you meet other people, you may end up having to handle this piece on your own, for a while. Online dating is more and more popular in many cultures as one possibility. And, generally speaking, the more events and classes you participate in, the better your chances are of meeting someone new!

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