Tips for singles traveling solo

Singles packages:

If you are looking for a sure way to be amongst other traveling singles, packages for singles are worth considering.

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Where you stay and the style of hotel you choose is very important when it comes to meeting other single travelers. Aside from the expense, staying at a high end hotel will limit your chances of meeting the other guests. This type of accommodation is very private and is usually self contained with no reason to even leave the room. Smaller boutique hotels that have a cozy environment and common areas for guests to mingle is the perfect type of hotel you need to find.

Be a little spontaneous:

Don’t commit yourself to the one spot for more than a few days at a time. Singles traveling should be flexible, which is important if meeting new people is a priority for you. You need to be ready at a moments notice to go after the next adventure.

Breaking the ice:

Finding new friends when your on the road in some strange country is a must. Head for an information tourist office. Bookshops also have loads of information, its also easy to spot other tourists at internet cafes and market places – Ask them questions. Then of course there’s the backpackers hostels where you will have no choice but to meet other travelers.

The internet:

Spend a few hours in one of the local chat rooms or online dating sites. Check out the forums and blogs from other local singles as to where the best bars and clubs are. Free online dating sites exist in virtually any country and what a perfect way to meet local singles.

As with any adventure, don’t be too trusting with strangers you meet. Travelers are easy targets for local criminals. Don’t except invitations to isolated locations, and be aware of drink spiking which is very common in tourist hotspots. Avoid standing in the middle of town looking at your map, a savvy traveler will find their bearings from within their hotel room, or at an internet cafe.

By being cautious, you are still able to socialize in a safe manner within an unknown town and hopefully meet some great people in the process.

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