“Traveling” to another Culture homework assignment?

Question by mahan_89@ymail.com: “Traveling” to another Culture homework assignment?
I have a homework assignment for a recreation class and I am to interview somebody from a different culture outside the United States. If you could just answer these questions I would greatly appreciate it.
This is for people who have LIVED in another country and then MOVED to the United States.
1. What are your nationality, ethic heritage, and religion?
2. In you culture, what were considered appropriate and desirable forms of recreation and leisure for Boys_______________
3. What forms of leisure and recreation, if any, were forbidden or discouraged in your culture?
4. What is the favorite national sport in your country of origin?
5. Did you play this sport? Why or Why not?
6. How old were you when you came to the United States?
7. What aspects of leisure and recreation, if any, do you like better in the United States than in your country of origin, and vice versa?
8. In the United States, do you tend to engage in more in the recreation and leisure practices of your country of origin or in those of the United States? Why?
9. What forms of recreation and leisure enjoyed today in the United States originated in your native country?

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Answer by abdullah (britney’s half sis
1. nationality: Filipino (Philippines)
Ethnic Heritage: Asian (i’m half filipino, half vietnamese)
Religion: Seventh Day Adventist

2. In my culture? Young people love going to malls in the Philippines. Going to malls is a major thing there. also love to eat at fastfood restos. Also, a lot of young men spend several hours and money playing internet games inside Internet Shops. Young girls also love to chat on the internet inside Internet Shops. In rural areas, young males love to play basketball while young women love to watch TV drama shows, hand wash the clothes, cook food, and clean the house. In the major cities, young people go to bars or clubs and drink and flirt there. In rural areas, if there are city celebrations, young people attend because they can flirt with other young people there and possibly get a gf/bf. texting on the celphone is a MAJOR thing in the philippines. ALL young people in the philippines would rather text than call somebody else. calling there is expensive compared to texting. and 99% there is on prepaid plan.
When friends meet, they drink beer. They would sit outside the house or on the front yard with friends and just drink beer and be merry. Get loud. Disturbing the neighbors.
in my hometown, me and my neighbors go to the river and sea and swim there everyday when they got no classes. our skin gets burned by the sun.
3. when some young girls get pregnant early like before their 20s, people really talk about it. i do not know of any forbidden or discouraged leisure/recreation in my culture. extreme sports is not popular there. we only watch them on cable TV.
4. Basketball is the national sport in my home country the Philippines. you will see LOADS and LOADS of basketball courts ANYWHERE there. 2nd is tennis. tennis is only mostly played by professionals. but basketball is being played from small kids to old people there.
5. no i do not play basketball because i am a girl. and i never see girls playing basketball there. only boys. plus am not interested with basketball.
6. i was 25 years old when i first got here in the US. am here in chicago right now. haven’t return there since i got here last dec. 17, 2008. am 26 years old right now.
7. oh when summer came here in chicago last year? i see a lot of people in the parks. a lot of people were jogging. riding their bicycles. just spending their time with families in the park. so i like that families here in chicago get together in parks. in my country mostly young people get together and hang out in parks. so that’s what i like here in the US better than the philippines in terms of lesiure/recreation. but i have not seen people swimming in Lake Michigan. I for one have not swam in Lake Michigan. I think people here require a lifeguard before you can swim in Lake michigan! man, in my hometown in the philippines there are no lifeguards whatsoever. if you drown, you drown. no lawsuits or whatever. nobody to blame. i see kids as young as 3 years old jump from the bridge to the deep river butt naked. in fact i see a lot of kids below 10 swim like a pro there in deep waters. so i prefer the philippines better than the US in terms of swimming in the waters.

8. here in the US? i tend to just stay in my 3 bedroom apartment and just do internet all day everyday from the moment i wake up to the moment i close my eyes to sleep. i do not even watch TV anymore. My favorite shows are Criminal Minds and Undercover Boss and V and i watch all episodes ONLINE only. it’s cold in here right now.

In the philippines, i tend to go swimming in the river and the sea ALMOST every single day. my fair skin is BLACK there. and when am home i just watch cable TV there. sometimes i go to internet shops and pay by the hour and go online. i do not have my own computer and internet in my home there. we just go to internet shops and by by the hour. there are loads of young people in all internet shops in the philippines. mostly they are occupied by young men playing online games like counterstrike, flyff, ragnarok. well internet and watching TV when i do not swim are my only leisures/recreations back in the philippines and these are what i been doing here in the US for more than a year already. i would say i tend to engage in more in the recreation and leisure practices of my country of origin here in the US than vice versa.

9. i have always love the internet when i first set my eyes on it on december 2003. i spend hours and money just to come online. i used to love chatting before. that’s what enticed me to the internet in the first place. but now that am here in the US i have not been chatting anymore. i rarely do. mostly i just go to facebook or yahoo answers or youtube or emails. so getting hooked on the internet here in the US originated from the philippines. if i have cable TV here, i would spend several hours on it as well and that hobby would originate from the philippines as well as am a TV addict back there as well.

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