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It’s hard enough being alone in this city – seeing couples walking around everywhere – but dating is even harder, which is why you should give Singles Dating Washington DC seated speed dating a chance. Hosted by Professionals in the City, it’s a opportunity to meet in a group of people and have many dates in one night.


Stop browsing through the personals, stop paying a matchmaker to find your “true love”, and stop reading through those singles dating websites, some of which cost a lot of money and send you pictures and profiles of your perfect match except that they happen to live 100 miles away. Then once they have your money and you’ve signed their Terms of Agreement the matches just trickle in. And often these sites contain profiles that have been so exaggerated, and pictures that are from years ago when your date was thinner with different hair.


Our events are held in lounges or restaurants where there is a section cordoned off just for our group. We suggest that you check-in 20 minutes early so that you can mingle with those you’ll date during the Singles Dating Washington DC event.


The evening is run by an experienced and professional staff that is there to make sure all of your needs are met and that you are comfortable. The dating takes place for one hour during which time you’ll spend a few minutes with each date before moving on to the next. Afterwards, head on over to the bar for some more drinks and socializing. This form of singles dating is so much more fun than going at it alone. And you can bring a single friend along if you feel nervous about attending alone.


Singles Dating Washington DC are events not to miss!!! You could walk away with the man or woman of your dreams.




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