Twin Duvet Covers meant for Kids or Singles

Bedding is one of the most important things in our lives.  It is also one of our basic needs.  It is necessary for a good sleep and protects us from cold.  It gives comfort and warmth.  Nothing is so welcoming than a good night’s sleep.  Good bedding is a must for a good sleep to keep you fit and healthy with a sound mind. 

Duvet is a soft flat bag filled up with soft materials which is used as a blanket as well as a bed sheet. It was originally filled with down feather for softness. Previously, duvets are made up of down feathers of the finest bird.  It is a bed covering popular in ancient Europe and is even so today.  It is a washable quilt made up of soft materials as down feathers, polyester, wool, silk or fur.   The filling determines the weight of the duvet and the level of insulation. Greater the filling, more softness and warmth it provides.  It is either stitched or quilted to evenly distribute the filling.  The outer covering is usually be of cotton, silk, or polyester fabrics of varying styles and designs and thread counts – Greater the thread counts, more the softness.

Twin duvet covering meant for a single bed/person.   It is usually great for singles or kids.  A typical twin duvet size is 63″ wide and 87″ long.  The sizes may vary slightly depending upon manufactures and countries. Since the duvet cover comes along with an opening or zip, it is very easy to remove and wash. Thereby, this makes it easy to maintain its attractiveness.  They are very much durable and reusable.  It is extremely popular in hotel and motel industries.  It is gaining popularity in households too.  It is usually made up of cotton, silk, wool or polyester nowadays instead of down feathers.  

Lots of brands are flooding the market. New brands enter the market at least on a monthly basis. Le Vele Bedding is the famous brand name for Twin Duvet Covers in the USA and Canada. Their Duvet Cover Sets are Luxurious and Exotic. Generally Duvet Covers are available in sets for the bedroom to get more beautiful. The best part of Le Vele Bedding is that their Duvet Cover Sets are Machine Washable. Please read the Washing Instructions in the label carefully and act accordingly. You can have long reusable life of the duvet cover. With the latest dyeing technology, viz., Reactive Dyeing Technology, the print on the Duvet Cover lasts many washes

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