Vacation to Cadiz

Cadiz is situated in the southern part of Spain and is definitely a place that is worth visiting.

More about the City

This is an amazing place to go to for a day trip. Known for it rich cultural heritage, all its monuments clearly depict the culture and traditions of the city and of Spain. One can get to know about the past of the country very well by visiting these monuments. This is a small place and one can visit various places in the city just by having a leisurely walk. This historical city is the right choice for lovers of art and architecture. A day trip to this place is recommended when one visits Spain.

Sightseeing Spots in Cadiz

This city is the perfect place for sightseeing. There is so much in the city to see and know and hence a day trip to this city will keep you completely occupied. There are a lot of cathedrals and towers in the city which definitely have to be seen and captured in your camera. The view from the towers is stunning. The ancient Roman Theater which was excavated by archaeologists in the 80’s gives a very clear idea of the history of Cadiz.

There is a magnificent tower called the Tavira tower which is worth visiting. It is this tower in Cadiz which in the olden days helped the merchants to identify the ships that were coming into the harbor. Another place that one must see is the Admiralty house. Apart from this one can visit the museum that is located in the city, where the remains of various cultures that existed in Cadiz can be viewed. There are also castles like the Santa Catarina and the San Sebastian which should not be missed. The Central Market is also a place that has to be in the list of places that needs to be visited when one goes to Cadiz.

Fun and frolic in Cadiz

Apart from archaeological sites, one can also have fun on the Location villa beaches of Cadiz. One can find the best beaches in Spain here. Most of the beaches have a lot of facilities. There are parks and promenades where one can relax and have a walk and enjoy the waves of the ocean. The promenade is filled with bars and restaurants where one can grab a bite when one feels like it.

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