Vacations For Single Women

What do you do if the situation is something like this- your friends do not have the time or the money to go on holiday with you, does this mean you miss out on all the fun of skiing or boarding holiday? Or… well you could also look at it as an opportunity of exploring your chosen holiday destination all alone.

Singles holiday can prove to be a great way to meet like minded people. You can find other solo travellers who share your love, be it for the spectacular mountains or just being outdoors.

But then youre reluctant to do so because you are a single woman .Security is a very important issue for women travellers. Possibly women are easy targets for the conman. Although, holidays for singles can be very risky in general but Solo women travellers in particular face more security issues. You are ready to go on your solo travel you have scanned the holiday brochures and made an intense research through the internet, you have even informed your friends and family about your new adventure as you think the world has changed a lot and it is very much possible for single women travellers to go on vacations.

All said and done there are few things that a woman on vacation should always keep in mind else all your excited holiday can turn in to a nightmare. Do a detail research of your holiday destination which would also include the location or your accommodation. Its always better to be well organized so that you will know exactly where your passport and air tickets are at the airport. You must inform your hotel about your arrival. Also its a good idea to tell a relative or friend knows that you have reached your destination.

Be aware of the local customs and dress accordingly. Always carry a rape alarm and do not shy away from using it. Make it a point never to accept a drink from strangers and never leave your drink unattended. Avoid drinking too much alcohol as it can get you unwanted attention. Wearing too much jewellery can again land you in trouble, so make sure you are not wearing any of those hi end branded watches. Dont do the mistake of confiding in a stranger.

You should keep important documents safely as well also make the photocopy of these papers and keep them safely. In order to avoid hunting your purse for loose change to tip the hotel staff, keep the change in your pocket. Its always a safer bet to tell the hotel receptionist where youre heading to, when travelling alone, woman traveller must make sure that your hotel room has a double lock so that even the hotel staff cannot access your room in your absence. Charity can wait-dont given nay money to beggars on the stress, havent you heard of incidents when they run away with peoples purses.

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