What are the odds of getting an std from a dating site?

Question by Travis: What are the odds of getting an std from a dating site?
Alright I was curious to find out if there are any statistics for this and when I google that question exactly all i get are “free websites for herpes dating” or “std dating singles” something like that. Well I don’t have trouble with attractive women because I’ve been told I’m a solid 8 by many. But I’m only 17(about to be 18 in 2 months) and for awhile I’ve wanted to hold onto my virginity. But this is becoming a very stressful battle of “should I, or wait on it”. I am tearing my mind and emotions apart trying to cope with it being a virgin. So anyways, if I wanted to find a random sex partner through a website, maybe a cougar or young las, what are the odds of getting an std. (Oh and I know I didn’t have to put my life story in this, but feel free to put you personal opinions of my predicament in your answers.)

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Answer by Daniel
Much higher than if you don’t use one.

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