What are the reasons that parents bring their children to coffee shops?

Question by j14456um: What are the reasons that parents bring their children to coffee shops?
This is a legitimate question. I am not a child-hater, and I am not talking about getting a coffee to go while you happen to have your children with you.

Coffee shops are traditionally places for adult conversations–philosophers,writers, not to mention the more modern use of adult singles meeting at these locales. To be fair, I will admit that I don’t think it’s an appropriate setting for children (the main fare is coffee, afterall), and their presence changes the atmosphere immensely (“Johnny, don’t! What did I say?!” is often yelled). So, while I do wish parents would not, but I am legitimately wondering why you do so? Thanks in advance!
that was meant to read “philosphers, writers”
But would it not be more appropriate to stay home with the kids and/or go to a kid-friendly locale rather than bringing them to the coffee shop if you cannot get a sitter? I do know it’s hard to get a sitter, but I don’t buy that as a legitimate excuse for bringing kids to an adult setting.

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Answer by ♥TayLee♥
I would say because they don’t have a babysitter.

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11 comments to What are the reasons that parents bring their children to coffee shops?

  • Schnappa

    Couldn’t agree more. Coffee shops are not for kids. I like kids, really. But not in coffee shops or clubs. I’ve seen kids running around in clubs screaming at the top of their lungs. Parents should take them to shopping mall eateries or Maccas. That way us more responsible parents can enjoy places traditionally set aside for the more distinguished adults in our society.

  • lilmamawolf

    Parents like to sit and have coffee too. However, we don’t always have a babysitter. Didn’t say we can’t afford a babysitter, just said we don’t always have one available or that we can trust with the kids.

  • aussieblonde

    i assume it would be the human need to EAT and DRINK!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • QT3.14159

    in my observances in this situation, I believe that some parents are quite inconsiderate by turning loose their spawn of Satan on the general public. The parents I’ve encountered mostly take a, “well, he’s not bothering me, and to hell with your clean clothes, conversations, and work!” type of attitude

  • Angel

    They can’t get a baby setter. There poor and there miserable at home with them . So you know what they say about misery . So if they can’t have a good night out at the coffee house or shops …..No one can . Your right a coffee shop is no place for kids . If you can’t get a setter . Stay home and suffer with the rest of us .

  • victory

    There is no legitimate reason to bring children into coffee shops.

    Parents whine, “We can’t afford a babysitter”. Then, you can’t afford to go out, as that is part of the price.

    I’m also tired of going out, only to find that my favorite restaurant (entrees start at $ 26.) is turning into Chuck-E-Cheese.

  • lingua06437

    Part of the fun of being in a coffee house is for people watching.

    If the children are reasonably well behaved, I’d let it go. If the kids are loud I’d complain.

    A coffee house is a coffee house. You have bands that play there, conversation, laughter and interesting music. A coffee house is not a library or a church where everyone should be whispering.

  • answerer

    It would be better for everyone involved if parents took their kids to kid-friendly places. Coffee Houses do tend to have a more adult/professional atmosphere and it’s difficult for children to keep still, not to mention there is always alot of hot liquid to burn them or fancy chairs to fall on them. So my answer is I don’t know why parents take their kids to coffee shops & I never have. I got my coffee to go & took the kids to the park!

  • huggywell

    I take it you dont have kids then? Coffee houses do not have an age rating and parents are entitled to use them for conversation and meeting friends too!

  • sheeny

    I would think a kid would hate going to a coffee shop. But it is a public place. If the parent doesn’t know any better, what can you do?

  • finaldx

    As the parent of a young child, I agree wholeheartedly. We make efforts to take her only to places where the atmosphere is conducive to children. I get so irritated at people who do not/cannot control their children. And there are just some places children do not belong. Why can’t they get a coffee at the drive-through, or take them to the bookstore where there is a kid section. Most of them do have coffee shops with them, now days.

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