What do you think of this science (easy 10pts)?

Question by Dormouseful: What do you think of this science (easy 10pts)?
Work with things such as other possible dimensions and Teleportation studies?

I believe it’s physics. But I’m not entirely sure. Please let me know if you know about this.

Also, how much do you think these studies will be delved into within the next ten years?
I think they are rather interesting and man invents new technology everyday

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Answer by Wycabwin
A professor at my university works in the field of neutrino physics especially concentrating on exotic theories. He successfully predicted the outcome of the MiniBoonE experiment at FermiLab by assuming hidden extra dimension a neutrino of a certain kind could travel into. He also showed, that by this mechanism it would be possible for these so called “sterile” neutrinos to do something, that we could perceive as “time travel”, which inspired the book “Final Theory” by Mark Alpert. Very interesting how they got in contact. I personally believe that extra dimensions won´t be of any larger use, except for some exotic theories maybe. But one should never confuse mathematical dimensions with physical dimensions ;-)
One would need an awful lot of energy to be able to only see these extra dimensions, so a lot more would be necessary to be capable of using them.

“Teleportation” is a quantum phenomenon, and is already done at some institutes with single particles, as far as i know. It was a long time ago when i read an article about that, so maybe by now scientists are able to teleport even larger structures.
This is very interesting for communication technologies and i think this might be of further interest in the future.

And yes, both topics are what mainly physicists deal with ;-)

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