What is the coolest vacation you have ever been on?

Question by Penguins Can Fly: What is the coolest vacation you have ever been on?
My coolest vacation ever was going to Disney World in Florida. It’s dumb, I know. But I haven’t been very many places.

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Answer by Can’t Help It.
I’m italian and live in italy.

so my coolest vacation happened last year when i went to the US for 3 weeks, visiting NY, orlando (and disneyworld), washington DC and philadelphia.

it was very very cool, and I have been to many places

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  • needleworker

    My coolest vacation was trekking in Nepal the country and the people are absolutely brilliant.

  • kokey14

    Boracay island and Bohol island in the Philippines!

  • H

    The coolest vacation I ever been on is Cabo Verde. Cabo Verde is an Island atoll of 9, belongs to Africa and was a Portugise colony.

    Cabo Verde belongs to one of the poorest countries. This Island was famous for it’s salt. It is just amazing how friendly these people are. It’s impossible to walk without a car stopping to offer a ride.

    Depending which Island you visit, you can find endless white sand beaches and clear water. Cigaretts are still sold single, Raggae music at the beach, hardly no tourists (beside the main Island), delisicous food prepared by Mama in front of the house (the restaurant is her living room), the best tasting potaoes – all this can be found there.

    I am from a hot spot vacation country (UAE). A country with some awsome landmarks, man made islands etc, etc., but I love Cabo Verde for vacation.

    Take care

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