What should I do if I don’t like my p-whipped brother’s selfish girlfriend?

Question by micheyL: What should I do if I don’t like my p-whipped brother’s selfish girlfriend?
He’s moving out of state to be with her, quit his job & is leaving all his friends. Her apartment is 1 hour from his new job-she refuses to move when the lease is up (in 2 months) since she wants to move in 2 years to an area where her family is-even farther from his job. They came out to celebrate my mom’s 75th birthday. She dictated every move he made. My kids are usually so excited to spend time w/him (I’m a single mom) but we hardly saw him. I’d ask him questions & she’d answer. I didn’t have a conversation w/him the whole time. She kept saying “I’m on vacation” & dragged him to all the places she wanted to see. Well, when you visit potential in-laws, you aren’t on vacation. My brother drove my mom when we went out 2 dinner, & girlfriend jumped in the passenger seat, making my mom sit in the back seat in her own car. I think he thinks this is his last chance 4 a family. I want to tell him to stand up 4 himself now, or be 4ever doomed. We are losing a family member not gaining 1.

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Answer by Denise J
If you want to keep your brother in your lives at all, you need to learn to like the girlfriend. The more you dislike her, probably the longer she will be around because he will try to prove to all of you that she is a wonderful person. Tell him you sure liked her and then set out to like her. I would guess that either your brother will come to his senses or if he is weak and needs a domineering woman, he will marry her. Either way you will need to not only tolerate her but like her if you want any relationship with your brother.

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  • bopdoobie

    I can understand your anger towards this girlfriend, but, anything that you try to do to sabatoge their relationship will only ruin yours with your brother, I am in the same situation, But I have learned to live with it, because now this women is his wife and she has been for years, Though I miss him dearly, it is his life, and I respect him and his wife, I know you love your brother, and apparently he loves this women, she is probably meeting a need of his that you can’t meet, so you should probably leave this alone and just move on with your own life, you will find peace in that. Try to think of positive things about this girlfriend. I do feel your pain though.

  • carmella s

    There is nothing you can do or should do. Your brothers girlfriend is not marrying you or any other member of your family. You don’t have to like her and vise versa, but should be at least cordial with each other especially when in the presence of each other. Everyone makes decisions, right, wrong or indifferent but it is not our place to place a judgment when we do not like the decision that they make. Loosing a family member is up to you all. You are ready to toss him aside because you don’t approve of his decision. (kinda selfish don’t you think)???? If she truly is what you say and/or believe then he will need you more so. Also, when you visit home and bring your spouse, yes you are visiting family but also are on vacation and want to see things and see where your other half grew up etc.

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