what software is good to start a singles dating website?

Question by cv: what software is good to start a singles dating website?
I would like to start a singles dating website like match.com for example, but I’m not sure what software would be best. Can you tell me of a good and low priced software?

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Answer by Lucien Pharoe
Hey CV,

If your not sure what software would be good, you can go and hire a freelance code writer from Elance. Its an outsource website were experts are looking for people to hire them for their work.

I use it and its platform is like eBay. You can submit your job offer or project you want someone to do for you and then you will get a bunch of responses from qualified folks.

You will need to pay a one time fee of $ 10 to use Elance because they want to know your not going to rip people off.

Like I said I use it and Ive gotten some projects done for real cheap…

I am not an affiliate of Elance… just a yahoo user answering your question..


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A few singles dating products I can recommend:

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    lol… what do you mean software?!

    website’s are not made out of software kid (or dude.. idk)..

    Websites are made of all these codes:

    html (,


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