What would you do if you were in this situation with a student organization?

Question by Rikku: What would you do if you were in this situation with a student organization?
I have been with this student organization for years. I’ve been to every single meeting there ever was. This semester maybe 4 people came to every meeting. I tried to get more people but it was very difficult. Anyway it came time to elect student officers and I ran for President and Vice President. People who have never ever been to any meeting in all the years I’ve been going, decided to run against me. Then the people there elect them instead of me. The guy who won president, paid his fee and joined the organization AFTER he won. I joined and paid at the FIRST meeting and have been there for every one. I am having a hard time wanting to go to next semester’s meeting knowing that they think so little of me that they choose people who haven’t even been there over me. I put so much time into this organization and they just throw me away. I don’t know what to do. I missed a chance to get double extra credit with another class so I could be there for them! What would you do?
I can’t try for next year. You have to have a certain number of hours to become President and you have to be there for a whole year of Presidency. I’ll be graduating by the end of next year. I won’t be able to run. I can’t respect a person who wants to run an organization they had no part of.

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Answer by Jaspreet♥
I would continue in the organization. Respect the president, become friendlier with the people, and try again next year. Theres not much to do, but quitting should not be an option :)

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  • Chica007

    I would say “Aight, FU** Y’ALL” and leave (don’t literally say that) because you don’t want to be part of an organization that runs like that…it won’t get far. Go do the extra credit stuff and say “screw you have fun trying to figure out what to do as president since you know all about this club by coming to all the meetings…oh wait…jk.”

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