Where can I meet “Good” girls?

Question by metaphoricwolf: Where can I meet “Good” girls?
I live in a town with nothing to do, population 50,000 or so, and I don’t know where I can meet girls who aren’t major druggies, alcoholics, or whores. I’m 19, but even if I were 21 bars are a bad place cause girls just go there to boost their ego then go home to their clueless boyfriends, not in college, and there are no malls, clubs, arcades, skateparks, or any place other than the parking lot in the park where people my age gather. And that parking lot is filled with druggies and whores, alcoholics tend to be wherever the booze is at. There are no cute girls at my work and I have yet to see any cute single girls my age come through the door when I’m there. I just want to find a nice, decent girl who doesn’t give it up because of a few sweet words or be constantly wanting money because they can’t put down the bottle/blunt to save their lives. I’ve got nothing against a little sleeping around, weed, or drink every now and then but the girls in this town seem to treat those things like water.
I would like to reclarify that I’m not in college. There are a couple community colleges in this town but no one comes in from to far out of town to go there so it’s really just people I went to high school with there. Church doesn’t sound like a bad idea though.

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Answer by PL
I lot of people meet in church.

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  • Alex S

    Well I’ve got the same problem… I have found a few though. Is there a college? Try nearby towns or cities?

  • ♥Sonya♥

    Don’t you go to school? That’s where most couples meet.

  • Joshua Pikka

    you are still very young. Just go along living your life, the right girl will eventually fall in your lap.

    Don’t waste your time with sluts.

  • fantasizer

    All I can say to this is; go get out and about.

    This little town of yours, from the sound of it, is really sucky. If you really believe there is nothing good for you there, then earn some money, maybe travel a bit, or even move completely.

    Good luck.

  • Mary Nuckolls

    look on line at a site called MEETINGUP. It hooks you up with people in your area who like to do the same things you do

    or try ChristianMingle

  • mnish11

    At 19, am sure you arent wanting to get married and settled. Then why the hell you looking for a good girl??
    There is a saying that catch them young. look at girls at the age group of 9-16 yrs and you will definitely find a good girl.

    Give it time, am sure at the right time, the right girl will appear in your life. Till then be happy with the girls you can have.

    Doesnt help, much, does it? But that the best possible scenario, dude.

  • *that chick on the moon

    lol..sounds to me ur surrounded by some trifling asxs citizens..i suggest going out of town and meeting new ppl there cuz from the way u described theres really not many places to socialize.im sure being a small town like that, theres a bigger city nearby…or somewhere kinda nearby..go there

  • always b natural

    How about church? No clubs, in a town of 50,000?
    You need to do some searching around
    How about asking around your cousin’s, I bet they
    have friends of this description.
    How about the girl at the grocery store checkout?
    the dr’s receptionist? the pharmacy? the
    barista at the local coffee shop.

    When you see a gainfully employed gal that looks
    well put together, talk to her. And go from there.

  • Skulladder

    i would say try a church, not a really uptight one, but a community church. there people are really laid back and easy to talk to, and i’m sure they haven’t done too much sleeping around/drugs/drinking, and if they have in the past then they are ready to move on from that lifestyle. good luck!

  • April

    Through a friend, church groups, or the gym. If it’s that bad though I would move. That’s what I’m doing.

  • Juliet

    Stop whining. I live in population of 1,500. -.-

  • anonymous

    Church would be your best bet, or a youth group.

    Also start talking to some girls at school. dont rule college girls out, not all are like that. I’m 20, in school, dont do drugs, am not sexually active, and rarely drink. we do exist. you just have to look for us because we get overshadowed by the sorority stereotype girls.

  • d761086

    Church or college. I have some friends that I’m close with b/c we don’t do drugs, smoke, tryin gto wait til marriage for sex. I have a few oter friends who have sex, but only in committed relationsips.

  • Carol Gonzalez

    well you cant judge em all.i personally like to have a good time i dont give it up to just anyonebut i love to party. i dont party all the time but when i do boy i do. Just because they dont drink or do drugs doesnt make them good either.i was into this guy for two years i liked him because he didnt drink or smoke i was 19 and he was 20.we went to school together and always had a good time laughing and stuff.He worked and was very responsible and seemeed like he had his priorities straight. we started hanging out and oneday we hooked up next thing i knew he had a 5 month pregnant gf. So dont assume

  • mookiecookie44

    It sounds like you need to move if you really want to find anyone. Where do you live? Are there any nicer places nearby you could move to? After that I guess the best answer is to get out and about, but don’t try too hard. I found the girl of my dreams (beautiful, faithful, smart, responsible, basically everything you’re looking for) through a friend of mine at college, and I don’t think there was anything I could have done to meet someone like that sooner, it was just a matter of being in the right place at the right time. Just surround yourself with people, and sooner or later one of them will stand out. If it doesn’t happen right away, don’t get discouraged. There’s a saying I’ve heard that goes “I’m in love with the girl who lives in my future.” There’s someone out there for you, you just haven’t met them yet.

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