Where can I meet :”normal” asian girls?

Question by J: Where can I meet :”normal” asian girls?
As an asian dude growing up in an all white town, I find myself very different from all the fellow asian american people i met in college. Culturally they fit within a certain style and trend that I just don’t jive with. The asian american girls ive run across are mostly very trendy, fashionably and shallow (just an opinion).

my laid back quasi-hippie, stoner attitude is completely at odds with them. It’s only been a couple months in college now and I’m wondering if this is what it’s going to be like. Because I’ll probly be single forever if I can’t find an asian girl that fits my personality.

Can anyone give me any suggestions? And don’t say date a white girl… they hate guys like me.
@Afro I hate you. I hope you grow back your afro. :p
@M what’s a double bind?
seriously Em, can you come back and tell me what that is?

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Answer by Gracie Johnston
actually i think asain guys are HOTT

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