Where in detroit (or suburbs) should a young single female professional go?

Question by Sarah: Where in detroit (or suburbs) should a young single female professional go?
Nightlife or daylife.

Best answer:

Answer by anonymous24242424
probably suburbs because i heard detroit has a high crime rate

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9 comments to Where in detroit (or suburbs) should a young single female professional go?

  • John M

    I would ask around some of the young ladies you see in the stores you shop in. The N. side of town is good for parties, but I’m not sure if you would like them or not.

  • Barracuda


    Don’t come to Detroit, PERIOD! STAY OUT OF MICHIGAN!

    DICK!!! is one of those people who will be the last ones in Detroit. Ignore him, the rest of us thinks this place sucks. He probably is still in school and thinks he can change the world/help Detroit ghetto high schoolers score perfect on the ACT/SAT’s.

  • DICK!!

    Before you listen to Barracuda, be aware of the fact he smokes crack on a daily basis and, is unemployed because he enjoys living off of tax payers dollars. He has been ranting for the longest time now, and always claims he is going to leave Michigan for a better place, but yet he’s still here. What does that tell you? He’s a bored troll with nothing better to do than make pathetic attempts to annoy the regulars who actually know things about Detroit and, Michigan as a whole that participate in this forum.

    As for the question, It all depends on what expectations you have. What can you afford, do you want a place with enjoyable night life, do you want a place that will be close to work, would you like to live in the city or, suburbs? Perhaps you like country living. Just to name a few good suburbs; Northville, Plymouth, Farmington Hills, Farmington, Royal Oak, Wyndotte, West Bloomfield, Bloomfield Hills (If you’r well off financially), Commerce, Walled Lake, Orchard Lake and, ect. Also, there are several nice, upper class communities within the Detroit city limits and, Downtown Detroit does offer some classy and, comfertable living (regardless of the cities reputation). My biggest advice however, make sure you know for a fact you have some form of practical employment before you move up here. I’ll tell you right now, a Job at Wal-Mart or, McDonalds will NOT cut it up here.

    I wish you the best of luck and, welcome to our humble state.

  • Madison

    try i city right outside of detriot
    in west dearborn on michigan ave
    nice area

  • DetroiterGuy

    Listen to DICK!!, not Barracuda. Barracuda knows nothing. If you want to live in the city, live Downtown because it’s safe, but always be alert. Trolley Plaza, Millender Center, and the Riverfront Towers are some apartment high rises. If you want the suburbs, live in Ferndale, Royal Oak, Birmingham, Plymouth, or Wyandotte because all have hip downtowns and are easily accesible to the city. But of course, there is a NEED for a car anywhere here, this isn’t New York City.

    Most Detroiters will tell, aside from the economy, they love Michigan and the Metro Detroit region. It’s a wonderful place to live and easily accesible to and from anywhere. You will like it here, like the majority of us.


    I’m from Detroit, Born and Raised. Detroit is like any other city you move to. People are what they are given. If you’re looking for a family oriented area try Southwest Detroit. Not the Mexican town but further toward Lincoln Park. Or far West side like Seven Mile or Further East like Eight Mile area Rose-ville, Southfield, Dearborn, Westland, Waterford,Warren, or Bloomfield Hills, etc. Downtown is cool if you have children in the summer the city is attempting to rebuild itself.

  • RDG78

    To have a life, two words: Ann Arbor. It’s close enough to the big city that you can get over there if yo need to, but it’s far enough out that the lowlifes probably won’t follow you too far.

  • Me, Myself, and I

    Go north: Troy, Warren, Royal Oak, Clawson, Birmingham, Madison Heights… That area. It’s in easy proximity to downtown Detroit for when you want to go to events, games, shows, etc, but is firmly in the ‘burbs.
    There’s excellent shopping, and night life (mostly, but not all, on Woodward or in downtown Royal Oak). It’s safe, clean, has decent rent, and the people are nice… I’d recommend the area for living.

    As far as things to do, you have to explore and go all over metro Detroit (and the outlying areas, like Ann Arbor and The Thumb). We have a lot to offer. For ideas, search Resolved Detroit “Travel” questions, or ask another question. We’re always happy to help. (Ignore the “don’t move there, there’s nothing to do” answers!)

  • maxinebootie

    The corner of Cass and Seldon seems to attract a lot of professional females. Also Seven Mile and Dequindre.

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