Where is a good place for single people meet each other?

Question by ncmudslinger: Where is a good place for single people meet each other?
I live in a very small place with not much at all around. We have pretty much a wal-mart and a movie theater and a few bars. Im not into bar scene so that cuts it down quite abit. I work with a bunch of guys and then head home neither place can I meet women. We do not have speed dating here either. Ive tried the online dating thing and women just don’t reply. So how do single people meet?

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Answer by Tsunami
go to the grocery store, go to church. go to places where people are. you can do it but you have to be receptive to this. take care and good luck

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    Volunteer at places /things that interest you! Take a class.

  • My officer

    Im a female and I go to a local restaurant/bar but of course I never meet anyone, so I know how you feel. I wish I could have a place to go to meet someone. If you find out, put it on here so I’ll see it. Thanks. I appreciate it. I really dont like online sites because I’d rather see and talk to the person face to face. I dont like wasting my time and I think dating sites just waste your money and your time. You never know what you’re gonna get.

  • Pablo

    u never no when u can find her, she can be anywhere, she can be in a club, or she can be sitting on a bench in your car, ask ur friends if they no anyone, i mean she can be anybody in the world, u can meet her going on a trip to alska, ok im getting off topic, my point is u cant just find her like dat, u need 2 look, good luck!
    (wow, that waz 1 long sentence…)

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