Whitewater Rafting and Singles Go Hand in Hand

There is nothing like a river rafting trip followed by après rafting activities to kindle romance
You’re new to town, haven’t met anyone except a few folk at work, and you’re keen to make new friends. 
One solution is to join a singles club so you can get out of your apartment or house and have more fun. Another is to go whitewater river rafting BC. Alternatively, capture the best of both worlds – do both.

There is no question that there is something intense and thrilling about whitewater rafting; it is a natural activity where you can meet others who share your interests.

Kumsheen Rafting Resort in British Columbia is an old, well-established river rafting company that has catered to singles for many years. In fact, Kumsheen’s founder met his wife on a raft trip in 1978. The whole family is now actively involved in the day-to-day operation of the business and the family understands the benefits of whitewater rafting in kindling new relationships.

Probably the main reason that river rafting is such natural venue for meeting people is the quality time spent together on a Lytton rafting trip. In addition, once off the river, there is time around a campfire sharing in conversations, talking about the day’s experiences, and getting to know one another in an informal, natural, outdoor setting.

A typical Lytton rafting excursion is one or two days of rafting plus a few nights camping on the river or at a resort or lodge owned by the river rafting company. Some whitewater river rafting BC companies schedule raft trips designated for “singles only”.

In British Columbia, one of the top adventure resorts is located on the outskirts of the little community of Lytton BC, a three-hour drive from Vancouver BC. The resort is the headquarters for Kumsheen Lytton rafting trips on the Thompson River and Fraser River and a host of après whitewater rafting activities.

At the resort itself, there are a host of activities and events where you can meet others that are sharing the same experience. There’s nothing like a hot tub warm-up after river rafting down a river, or on those hot days of summer, lounging around the swimming pool, or sipping a beverage from the gazebo bar to encourage new friendships.

A few years ago, Kumsheen’s owner met a guest at the resort who introduced himself and the woman next to him. He said that the owner was their rafting guide a year earlier and they met during the river rafting BC adventure. He was grateful for the fantastic experience and for the opportunity to meet his future wife – they were getting married the following week. Stories like this surface time after time.

This summer, be sure a whitewater river rafting BC weekend is in your bucket list. Don’t forget to remove it from your bucket and book at least a weekend Lytton rafting BC trip. Who knows, it could turn out to be the most important weekend of your life.

Bernie Fandrich is a pioneer of the whitewater rafting industry in western Canada and founder of the Kumsheen Resort in Lytton Rafting, BC. He has been sharing his love of the river rafting BC with the world since 1973. Bernie co-authored Rafting in British Columbia: Featuring the Lower Thompson River and is currently working on his latest project, a chronicle of river running and other events along the legendary Thompson River.

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