Who thinks YA should do away with “Homework Help & Singles & Dating?”?

Question by Spinich: Who thinks YA should do away with “Homework Help & Singles & Dating?”?
When I was a kid, we didn’t have the internet to help with homework…not only do kids these days have this useful tool, but they are too lazy to do their own research / searches. I remember having to look stuff up in Encyclopedias or in the library.

Some of the questions I have seen in Singles & Dating just make me want to choke someone. “My boyfriend is cheating on me, what should I do?” “This guy keeps smiling at me, does he like me?” Get a clue people…I guess common sense isn’t that common anymore.

Sorry…just venting. ;)

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Answer by leaptad
I have no problem with the Singles and Dating questions, but I agree that the Homework Help is taking things too far. People just post their homework and want us to do it for them. What are they going to do at test time?

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  • frenchy

    I agree….throw in “Pregnancy” with that and we will have a perfect society here. I am so sick of hearing, “Could I be pregnant?” Take the stupid test and find out for sure!

  • dukalink6000

    Homework Help I agree with, as it is just a cheat sheet.

    S&D is problematic, as some people are really uncertain as to what to do, and you don’t want to be the fool if you don;t have to

  • Susan L

    They should definitely do away with the homework section. I didn’t have a computer back in school and I didn’t turn out ot be an idiot.

  • to_sassy4_u

    Vent away….I did the same thing the other day only it was to do away with “Pregnancy” questions….you know…..I had unprotected sex could I be pregnant? or Can you get Prego by giving head? Etc…

    I totally agree with the “Stupid” question in general!!!

  • shannonscorpio

    But aren’t the people who answer those questions as stupid or even more so? Particularly the homework help. “Can you come up with a thesis for me for me around the Civil War?” Yeah, sure! I have 8 hours on my hands to do your work!

  • mel2430

    i understand how you feel. as far as the homework help goes i think that it is up to us to not do it for them, but lead in the right direction. sometimes that is all they want. just a hint on how to do it.
    the dating and relationship stuff gets on my nerves but there are alot of legitimate questions in there too. you have to remember that you do not have to be an adult to post here and for some of these people that is what life is…does so-and-so like me. i know that you are just venting i just wanted to give another perspective

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