Why do Dems always feel the need to “meet” with our enemies?

Question by ned s: Why do Dems always feel the need to “meet” with our enemies?
Examples: Jimmy Carter and Hamas
Nanci Pelosi Syria’s President
Cyndi Shehan Hugo Chavez not to mention half of
Hollywood like Sean Penn, Harry Belefonte and
Danny Glover
Teddy Kennedy met with the Russian Premier to try
To get info to beat Jimmy Carter.
Hanoi Jane during the Vietnam War
Is there nothing they will do or who the try to legitimize to get more power?
Oh yea I Forgot Bill Clinton had Arafat at the White House of all the people to allow in the White House the single worst terrorist leader in history perhaps. Plus Clinton has working ties to China an undeclared enemy.

And yet you wonder why we question your patriotism.

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Answer by FoxyRaintree
Thank you Ned, you are sooo right!

This is another of the more ridiculous things the Dems do, negotiate with terrorists.
They cause more harm than good. Citing Jane Fonda for one had many of our soldiers tortured and murdered. I believe she should have been tried for treason.

Isn’t it pretty damn close to treason what Sean Penn,Harry Belefonte and Danny Glover did by visiting Chavez?

Bill Clinton you forgot to mention aslo sold our technology to the Chinese Communists. Thank goodness that Israel could see Jimmy Carter for what he really is and won’t have anything to do with the old bugger.

No good ever comes from kissing up to terrorists. I will never understand their mindset. Something is wrong there.

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