why do i always have flying dreams?

Question by samuel sarmiento jr: why do i always have flying dreams?
I have dreams 4 -5 days a week that im flying or hovering above ground. I’ve been having these dreams over and over for months now every single week and it doesnt go away. Does anyone know what this means? and no im not a virgin, I dont believe in ghosts, I dont listen to westlife, and my sex life is alright.

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Answer by blife07
look it up online i think it under meaning of dreams

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5 comments to why do i always have flying dreams?

  • bugi

    if you are a teen ager…… that is still good…. it means that you’re unconsious has many things stocked inside…. like your “dreams” in life…. but somehow…. you could not fulfill it….. but if you are not on your teens anymore…. better ask yourself…… why i am still not at ease with my self??

  • tabulator32

    This is going to sound silly but I am completely sincere about this…

    You need to take up scuba diving. You will absolutely love it.

  • Dago

    maybe your light in your loafers and you just don’t know it yet?

  • Natas Gold

    This is common. When ask a group of people, what superpower would they want, if they can have one…. the most common answer is the ability to fly. It means you have lots of potential but your not in focus of what you want to do in life.

  • hop4him

    You have to determine that for yourself, you are obviously looking for something, either in life, love, or spiritually. Normally flying dreams occur when you are in the process of finding out who you are or what direction to take in life. Follow your heart not your head. If what you are doing now does not fill the void in your life, change your direction. Reach for the sky, go back to school, get a new career, only you know the answer.

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