why do i only like girls that don’t like me or are unavailable?

Question by painfullyaverage: why do i only like girls that don’t like me or are unavailable?
i have this friend and we really seem to like each other, but she’s engaged, and naturally she likes her fiance more. i know i should forget her, but it’s hard when i like her so much.

then there’s this other girl that is available and likes me, but i don’t like her!!! i’m trying so hard to like her, because she’s the only girl i can be with, but i just don’t. why don’t things ever just work out? once again, my only choice seems to be to remain single. people who meet “the one” don’t know how lucky they are. i know because i dated the girl i wanted to be with for a while, and it was so incredibly great… until she dumped me and promptly met another guy. :(

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Answer by Mark n
Maybe you like the challange of getting something you can not have!!? There is no reason why you can not stay just friends with the ones who are engaged or taken etc anyways. You should not try hard to like someone as you say, it is either naturally there or not. Dont force or fool yourself…Just be yourself…Good luck.

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  • Demonex

    It’s because you have no self respect…and after awhile, it shows. If you go on a hike, and mosquitos start to cling to you and suck your blood, how do YOU feel? Like shaking them off, right? Show a woman what you have to offer her, instead, and make life interesting, intriguing, and exciting and she’ll NEVER leave! Be strong in your decisions,…and do what you do best! Show off your best side! It’s not going anywhere unless you take it there, baby! Life is an adventure if you make it one! Make it an adventure to be with you! Do all the things you enjoy and you will, in turn, be shining! Even to yourself!, and therein lies your “self respect”!!! All it is, is how you see the world, in “respect” to yourself and how you decide you want to live in it!!! :) Get it? :) Life is too short! Shine!…explore the world, and “make yourself”, like “Incubus” said in their CD! Have a great life! No matter what anyone else does, your happiness and confidence in living a full and adventurous life will be so attractive, “the one” – the “REAL” one – won’t be ABLE to stay AWAY, much less “dump” you! How u c yurself is how others will c u, 2! You sure won’t have to try to force yurself to like someone because of thinking that there is no one else who will accept you. MAKE yourself acceptable! Don’t think of it in the aspect that someone CAN or WILL dump you, and all that stuff will not come creeping across in yur personality! If you imagine yourself as someone who doesn’t ALLOW people to dump you, that is who you will become! Grow and learn from the bad and turn it around into experience, and make it into something so good it will come bursting out of you from every pore! You are the boss! Life is short! It really is “what you make it”. So, enjoy!
    Well, I hope this helps! BAH!

  • joyz

    It’s the challenge…I assume

  • whattheheck

    You know how many people are unhappy right now because they got together with the wrong person, stop feeling you have to have someone RIGHT NOW, it will happen, in the mean time get on with your life, go to school get a better job travel, there are so many things to do than to waste away your life searching every corner for that right person , they will come when the time is right and until then there is nothing you can do about it, so enjoy LIFE itself.

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