Why do i only like girls that don’t like me or are unavailable?

Question by painfullyaverage: Why do i only like girls that don’t like me or are unavailable?
i have this friend and we really seem to like each other, but she’s engaged, and naturally she likes her fiance more. i know i should forget her, but it’s hard when i like her so much.

then there’s this other girl that is available and likes me, but i don’t like her!!! i’m trying so hard to like her, because she’s the only girl i can be with, but i just don’t. why don’t things ever just work out? once again, my only choice seems to be to remain single. people who meet “the one” don’t know how lucky they are. i know because i dated the girl i wanted to be with for a while, and it was so incredibly great… until she dumped me and promptly met another guy. :(

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Answer by mighty_power7
you want what you can’t have…simple as that.

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  • jo l

    you like hard to get. You have to accept the fact that the lady is taking and move on with the other one


    Ur a WHOOS pal thats the long and the short of it!!!!

  • phoenixheat

    After being dumped by a girl you loved, you are now avoiding any commitment by liking girls you can’t have or are unavailable.

  • DW

    Even if the girl who was engaged left her fiancee to be with you, you don’t want her because what’s to say she wouldn’t leave you for someone else too? As far as the girl who likes her, leave her alone. Don’t TRY to like her, because eventually you’ll either be in an unhappy relationship or leave her. Settling isn’t the thing to do, but instead, keep looking until you find the one that likes you and you like back.

  • mebmuny


  • Phoenix

    well, you like the pretty girls, try not liking for once and go back and find the one, slowly, it will develop and you will slowly find her
    don’t forget to pray about that too
    choose the one wisely, marriage is a calling.
    good luck!

  • Deanna R

    You are the sort of guy who loves the challenge and don’t like getting things too easily because then you loose interest or you don’t think that it is important enough. You would find that person I know but you have to also take your time. Breaking up your friend’s engagement is not the answer. If you really feel the way that you do you would back off and find someone else to be with. When you said that the one for you dumped you, you should know that she isn’t the one for you. That person that you would be madly in love with hasn’t come along yet take your time and i think that you made the right choice by staying single because that would be the exact thing I would do. Good luck in finding that perfect and unique person for you.

  • Nick Z

    With only two women to choose from, you don’t seem to have much of a choice. Perhaps you need to expand your horizons and go outside your comfort zone to meet women you never thought of meeting before.

    You can choose to stay single within your limited circle of friends. Or you can choose to expand that circle and keep expanding it until you find your true love.

    Your choice is so limited because you choose to limit yourself.

  • yahumokay

    I understand what you mean. It’s like the people you like aren’t available or don’t like you back, and then the ones you are not interested in can’t seem to understand you aren’t into them in that way. It sucks, I really don’t understand how someone can have a connection with someone and then the other person not feel the same way…….seriously….unrequited love is horrible!!!

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