Why do people in this section wander over to the Singles & Dating section?

Question by Random: Why do people in this section wander over to the Singles & Dating section?
I don’t understand, you guys have your section here to for everything, why many of you come over to the Singles & Dating section? I have NO problem with gay people, but stick to your section please and leave us alone. Especially because there are a lot of teens over there, even kids, reading that stuff and we don’t need them exposed to this stuff.

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Answer by Miss M
Don’t worry, we always decontaminate ourselves before wandering into other sections. I know our gayness is a serious threat to you over the internet.

If you don’t have any problem with us, then quit treating us like we need to be segregated. We’re not diseased.

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Image by SMU Central University Libraries
Title: Kowel

Alternative Title: Kovel

Creator: Unknown

Date: Spring 1918

Part Of: Der Vormarsch der Flieger Abteilung 27 in der Ukraine

Place: Kovel, Volyns’ka Oblast, Ukraine

Description: A photograph of a German aircraft, possibly a Rumpler C.IV, single-engine, two-seat reconnaissance biplane.

Physical Description: 1 photographic print: gelatin silver; 5 x 7 cm. on 34 x 44 cm. mount

File: ag1982_0048x_01a_sm_opt.jpg

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8 comments to Why do people in this section wander over to the Singles & Dating section?

  • Tyler

    You’re beyond stupid if you think singles and dating is exclusive to heterosexuality. KBYE.

  • Blue Floyd

    gay people can’t date? You sir are quite a d bag.

  • Tym Misery

    Proof to the reason I ask all question here and only answer question here, the rest of Yahoo Answers is Hetero-circular.

  • Hildo

    That’s really absurd considering that half of the YA community in this section is straight. They come over here for OUR answers because of attitudes like yours. It’s quite common for these people to come right out and say that we are a much friendlier community with better contributors.

    So go back to what ever section you prefer and we’ll have one less troll in here too.

  • 'tаɪ.lər

    Any user is allowed in any section they want. I answer questions not only in LGBT, but in Religion & Spirituality, Languages, Politics, and any other section I feel like. And if you’re worried about people being too young to be “exposed” to non-hetero/cis people, they’re obviously not mature enough to be using the Singles & Dating section, and should probably stay away from the internet altogether to avoid exposure to other controversial matters.

  • Jon

    Seriously? Oh piss off.

    I am SO over the amount straight people coming here looking for dating advice it makes me want to scream some days.

    Live with it – IT DOESN’T SAY HETEROSEXUAL SINGLES AND DATING now does it you phobe.

    And I assume you are petitioning to have blacks and whites section under that category as well?

    And BTW – I have NEVER been over there – i hear the advice is shite!

    And you might want to hang around here for an hour or so – THEN tell me 13 year olds are innocent little creatures lol

  • MzCalypso

    A lot of glbt people are single – and date.

    You go through the first couple of pages of this and you’ll see that at least a third of the questions are from het kids with their dating problems. They say they get better answers from us big scarey lgbt than from you self-righteous jackasses.

    By the way, honey, a lot of teens ARE LGBT.

    Sorry, you have no authority to tell anyone to stay in the ghetto. Or are you here looking for a boyfriend?

  • Bill

    I didn’t realize breeders owned that section…..

    Crazy much?

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