Why Singles From India Are Calling Australia Home

Single women, men and families from India are coming here, Australia and India share a bond that makes the land of OZ a desirable and welcoming destination, not to mention the fierce but friendly rivalry the two nations share on the cricket ground.

Migrants from India entering Australia are arriving in record numbers. In 2003, India contributed more than 8,000 immigrants and was the fourth largest provider. In the same year, Britain topped the list with 19,054 then New Zealand with 14,118 followed by China with 8,767. India’s numbers were 8,129. English speaking foreigners receive a higher chance of having their immigration applications approved. Most Indian’s are proficient in fluent English and are often skilled or hold a degree making them more desirable as opposed to non-English speaking and less skilled immigrants from other countries.

As it stands today, India is now in third place behind Britain and New Zealand with over 20,000 Indian’s immigrating to Australia in 2008. Many Indian singles and families will take up careers in the retail and catering industries which partly qualifies them for residency due to a strong demand for new businesses in these industries.

Australia as a whole is becoming more and more desirable due to the fact that 30% of the entire population were born outside Australia. It is common knowledge that Australia is very multi cultural and foreigners moving here know there is a general acceptance of multi culture within mainstream society.

Australia is a free and democratic nation and for Indian singles looking to start a new life here in Australia, there are many cities and regions that will open doors for you as you embark on your new life down under.

Sydney: Is a sophisticated world class city smothered by amazing iconic beaches where Aussie culture is at its finest. Experience world Heritage areas, succulent hinterland and acclaimed wine areas of the State of New South Wales.

Melbourne: Features outstanding international sporting events, a love for food and wine and an unbelievable arts scene. Titled the style setter, Melbourne is home to a non-stop syllabus of festivals, illustrious dining, major art expos and musical extravaganzas.

Queensland: Is the best of Australia combined as one. Queensland is the home of many of the world’s most cherished natural wonders such as The Great Barrier Reef, the glorious colours and contrast of the Outback along with the ancient Daintree Rainforest. Queensland’s beaches are world famous which include the glaring, flash and semblance of the Gold Coast continuing to the unspoilt stretches of sandy beaches north to the Sunshine Coast continuing to Cairns and the breath taking Great Barrier Reef.

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Recent government statistics indicated 23% of Indian’s who moved to Australia last year were single. This equates to 4600 singles from India moving to Australian shores in the last year alone!

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