Your reaction to Gail Kim stating that she will never return to WWE?

Question by “Jim Crockett Promotions Fan”: Your reaction to Gail Kim stating that she will never return to WWE?
Gail Kim learned the hard way that Impact Wrestling is where she belongs.
It didn’t take Kim long to realize she had made a big mistake when leaving in 2008 for a more lucrative offer from WWE. When finally freed from her WWE contract after requesting a release in August, Kim re-signed with Impact Wrestling last month and quickly regained her spot as one of the company’s top female performers.
Kim already has won the Knockouts division’s tag-team championship with Madison Rayne and will be challenging Velvet Sky for that division’s singles title Sunday night on the “Turning Point” pay-per-view show emanating from Orlando, Fla.
“It’s almost like no time has passed,” Kim said Wednesday in a telephone interview. “Someone asked me how the reaction was (backstage) when I came back. Everyone was just like, ‘Hey Gail.’ I’m looking at my time away like it was a long vacation.
“The words everyone has used are, ‘Welcome home.’ This definitely feels like home.”
Kim’s return is a major boost for the troop of femme fatales that she led to prominence four years ago when Impact, then known as TNA Wrestling, initially began pushing women’s grappling. Kim’s feud with Awesome Kong (real name Kia Stevens) was so successful that they enjoyed the rare distinction of being female main-event performers for a major wrestling company. Kim even got a tattoo to symbolize how much she was enjoying her time and co-workers in Impact.
“What was so special is that there was literally no women’s division in Impact,” said Kim, who made her Impact debut in 2005 as the manager of Jeff Jarrett and America’s Most Wanted (James Storm and Bobby Roode). “I don’t think people expected to see what happened with us. We were literally an overnight success. Everyone involved worked so hard and gave all their heart to make it succeed. It was almost like we were on top of the wrestling world.”
Unfortunately for the company, Impact management failed to fully capitalize on a troop of female performers who were drawing higher television ratings than their male counterparts and superior to the women’s wrestlers being pushed in WWE. When her contract expired, Kim accepted a WWE offer that Impact declined to match.
“That decision was a business decision,” Kim said. “I had to take my heart out of it. I talked with everyone in the (Impact) office about it and why I had to do it. They understood, but it was still very emotional and heartbreaking for me.”
Kim first came to national prominence in WWE in 2002 — even enjoying the rare distinction of winning the company’s women’s championship in her television debut — before her surprising release in 2005. Her second WWE stint wasn’t nearly as successful. Kim felt personally and professionally unfulfilled as WWE didn’t place the same emphasis on its women’s division as her former company.
“I try to look back at some of the positives,” Kim said. “I made some good friendships there and had some good matches. But all I can say is that expression, ‘Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me,’ was pretty much the result. I know I’ll never go back there.”
Now in her 11th year as a pro wrestler, the 34-year-old is focused on trying to help the Knockouts division recapture its old magic. Kim, though, considers herself a contributor rather than a savior on what she believes is already a strong crew of her peers.
“A few people have told me, ‘Thank God you’re back to save the Knockouts,’ ” said Kim. “I’ve told them: This is not about one person. All of us can definitely contribute to Impact as a whole.
“No other company in the world has such a great group of girls. I always say: Don’t compare us to the past. We’re going to create something new and it’s going to be big. I think right now is just the beginning and I want to be a big part of it.”

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Answer by Ordo Ad Chao
Don’t so many wrestlers say this….and then come crawling back when the checking account runs on empty.

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8 comments to Your reaction to Gail Kim stating that she will never return to WWE?

  • ☢ FŔŐŚŤŶ tђє suρяємє ¢нαмριση ☢

    maybe 10 years from now she’ll return, for a higher paycheck.

  • Fire Warrior

    Probably her best move at this time, she was heavily under used by WWE for those 3 years

  • Savior of Silence(Tony)(M-WWE)

    Gail Kim didn’t make any bad decisions, it’s WWE’s fault.They dropped the ball on Gail Kim, they even dropped the ball on a majority of the other divas.Gail Kim made a smart business move to sign with WWE a few years ago, but when WWE was only going to utilize her skills & talents to make her a jobber, it’s totally understandable as to why Gail Kim went on a rant.Gail Kim realized that she wasn’t receiving the proper respect & push that she earned & deserved, so she quit.That’s what she was supposed to do.& none of her so called “fans” can bash her for sticking up for herself, because we used to argue the identical things.We wanted Gail Kim to leave WWE, because we all realized that she was being under-utilized.Gail Kim only did what her “fans” asked her to do.

    Gail Kim will obviously be treated much better in Impact Wrestling anyhow, just like old times.Gail Kim definitely made the correct career decision, in terms of success in the professional wrestling business.Seemingly, the Knockouts division is on the rise, with the likes of Mickie James, Angelina Love, Tara, Velvet Sky, & others, & the addition of Gail Kim does nothing but raise the prestige & outlook of the Knockouts division.As a Gail Kim fan, I wish Gail Kim the best in her tenure in Impact Wrestling.

  • Leave Stingette Alone

    when dick head carter screws with her paycheck and she doesnt get paid then she will be back in wwe.

  • Peter D - presenting East Asia

    true, she learnt it the hard way and maybe she had it coming, she had it going on tna and especially when the knockouts division was about to hit their prime, she leaves just for wwe, shes in her 30s and do u honestly expect her to return to wwe when all wwe want are good looking divas, she left tna at a bad time, moving just for money so she should of known she had it coming, i’m a fan of hers but why is it shes starting to say good things about tna and bad about wwe just cause she got mis-used when she only went for money

  • The Dragon

    It looks like she learned her lesson: Selling out oftentimes make you a sell-out (the negative and derogatory meaning of that phrase). Most people (in any line of work) hope that hard work, long hours, dedication and sacrifice will make them a success. Sometimes it actually does happen that way. In Gail’s case it did.

    She spearheaded the group effort that revitalized women’s wrestling in prime-time on a national stage and changed the minds of millions of fans who had been taught by Vince McMahon that his Divas was what “women’s wrestling” was. She led the group that showed the world that women CAN wrestle, they CAN be entertaining, they CAN be presented and accepted seriously as serious athletes, and given the opportunity can headline shows, all without “bikini contests” and “bra and panties” matches. Gail Kim, as the postergirl for the Knockouts Division, embarrassed Vince McMahon, shamed his Divas and made them the laughingstock of the wrestling world. To the point that Vince had to completely revamp everything about his Divas and remake them into something resembling the Knockouts.

    Vince’s response? Revisiting an old tactic he used to help put dozens of promotions out of business in the 80′s and early 90′s: buying up their top stars. It doesn’t matter whether or not Vince ever had any positive plans for Gail Kim as a Diva; his motive for signing her was to get her away from TNA. “Cut off the head and the snake dies”. While the Knockouts didn’t die, losing Gail Kim (and Kong) hurt the division tremendously and even TNA acquiring Victoria and Mickie James hasn’t returned the Knockouts to the position (in TNA) they had when Gail Kim was leading it. But Vince accomplished what he set out to do: rob TNA of it’s top Knockout. More money and promises he never intended to keep, worked. Like it did with most of the top regional stars Vince signed over the past 30 years.

    After her dismal “career” in the WWE Gail seems to have learned that lesson (if she had read The Dragon’s posts on that very thing here in 2008, perhaps she might have re-thought her decision; I tried to warn everybody this would happen; I’ve seen it all too often). TNA IS competition for the WWE, whether WWE fans like it or not, and Gail Kim (as postergirl for the Knockouts) kicked Vince’s @ss and made him look bad. So he bought her out to put her under HIS control. As she found out, money or not, that ain’t a good place to be after embarrassing Vince McMahon.

    This is why I’m so against the stars of other promotions signing with the WWE. What we see in an ROH (for example) ring is not what we’re going to see in a WWE ring. Vince LOVES to take “internet darlings” and make WWE clowns of them.

    Gail Kim is not a “savior” for the Knockouts; they don’t need “saving”. But she IS the original Knockout and first Knockouts Champ, and will only make the Knockouts even stronger. Vince and the WWE did damage her reputation and credibility, but Gail has the talents and abilities to rebuild them.

  • Anthony

    I dont think anyone cares about her.

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